Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on delivering the most helpful, informative and relevant HomeBuyers reports, valuations and building surveys that represent excellent value.

We respond immediately.

“Clients frequently cannot believe how promptly we can respond to their needs” and simultaneously our reports offer quality that includes useful independent background advice, not just a dull grey report.

We operate and also live right in the centre of London.

We have been in business for over 30 years in Kensington and Chelsea. We know it unusually well, every street and may have visited your property before.

The Home Buyers Report is a concise and practical document.

It includes photos and simply states the condition of a property and identifies  areas of serious concern which need remedial action or may have an effect on price

In addition to this is our knowledge of the local environment gained over the decades comes at no extra charge – examples of this may include proximity to council estates, likely blight from development, environmental concerns and many others

When offering our opinion on value we have access to national databases and our own archive of surveys and valuations going back over 30 years. With this supporting information an accurate indication can be more easily arrived at.

Fast and objective.

One unique selling point is providing rapid and independent services for clients. This is unusual in the industry.